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Siemens Healthineers AG is shaping the future of healthcare. As a leading medical technology company headquartered in Erlangen, Germany, Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare providers worldwide to increase value by empowering them on their journey towards expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving the patient experience, and digitalizing healthcare. Further information is available at


  • epoc® NXS Blood Analysis System
    Patient-side testing is about more than a location. It’s about staying focused on the patient. The system connects the entire team working in different parts of the hospital. Empowered by the epoc System, they stand together to advance care delivery....

  • What could happen when critical testing results are securely delivered patient-side in less than 1 minute with a system that connects the entire care team? Patient diagnosis and treatment may happen faster. The hospital may make better use of resources. Patient safety may be enhanced with a simplified testing process and integrated positive patient ID. A streamlined testing workflow could help reduce costs. Outcomes could improve, and a complete, consistent clinical picture would be accessible across the care continuum.

    With the epoc® Blood Analysis System as the nexus of care, caregivers and the lab can stay connected to what’s important—being where patients need them most.

  • NAEOTOM Alpha® with Quantum Technology
    The world’s first photon-counting CT. With intrinsic spectral imaging – independent of scan speed and temporal or spatial resolution – for the coronary vessels, you’ll see impressive details for small structures, even with heavy calcification or stents....

  • NAEOTOM Alpha® with Quantum Technology is the world’s first photon-counting CT and offers a radical new way to generate clinical results, based on the revolutionary direct signal conversion of its QuantaMax detector. By offering intrinsic spectral imaging independent of scan speed and temporal or spatial resolution, NAEOTOM Alpha redefines which patient populations can be addressed with cardiac CT. You’ll benefit from impressive details when visualizing coronary vessels, stents, and small plaques even in the presence of heavy calcification. NAEOTOM Alpha helps users impact treatment outcomes with a never-before seen range of clinical options and high-resolution images at minimal dose. To keep high-end technology accessible, NAEOTOM Alpha supports and guides users throughout the scanning workflow, while AI-enabled solutions help radiologists when reading cases.

  • SOMATOM Force
    SOMATOM Force with Dual Source CT Technology enables new levels of image quality, clinical outcomes, and ultimately precision medicine. Get two steps ahead in clinical excellence, workflow performance, and expert leadership....

  • Cardiac CT was the initial driver of Dual Source CT – and users have employed Dual Source technology to push boundaries ever since. SOMATOM Force with Dual Source CT technology provides the right cardiac acquisition, for the right patient, for the right clinical indication. Heart disease is a growing concern. How do you achieve optimal procedural planning with a diverse patient mix? How do you get high-quality images even when facing the challenge of cardiac motion? SOMATOM Force was designed to answer these challenging questions through high native temporal resolution and precision. Leading healthcare institutions and clinical experts trust SOMATOM Force's excellent performance in computed tomography for both daily routine and clinical research in the field of cardiovascular computed tomography.