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Spacelabs brings nearly 50 years of expertise in diagnostic cardiology solutions and data management so that we can assist you in your mission to save lives. Our advanced algorithms, secure Data Management Systems, Diagnostic ECG, and Blood Pressure Monitoring products are designed with today’s challenging environment in mind. Spacelabs solutions enable safe, secure and seamless collection, analysis, and management of Diagnostic ECG and Blood Pressure related data throughout your organization and facilities no matter where they are. At Spacelabs we are committed to developing leading-edge products and services that evolve with your organization’s needs and requirements to enhance patient care.


Spacelabs Arrhythmia Diagnostic Solutions


  • CardioPulse Resting ECG
    Spacelabs’ new CardioPulse resting 12-lead electrocardiographs are designed to meet the unique needs of your patients. State-of-the-art with several connectivity options means an ideal fit into your clinicians’ workflows....

  • Provider workflow fit is the number one requirement when considering which Electrocardiograph is best for your care setting. Spacelabs’ new CardioPulse ECGs provide the ideal fit even in the most acute settings. The bi-directional DICOM option allows instant availability in existing EMR or PACS systems and removes the risk of duplicate orders. CardioPulse can review, print, store and transmit rhythm strips up to 10 minutes. Their outstanding signal quality makes it ideal for both adult and pediatric patients.

    CardioPulse Prime offers state-of-the-art technology with an 8″ color display, sealed alphanumeric keyboard.

    CardioPulse Go is ultra-portable at less than two and a half pounds, features an 8″ high-resolution multi-touch screen. Ideal for those looking for a more paperless workflow.

  • Eclipse Pro and Lifescreen Pro
    Spacelab’s new Eclipse Pro extended Holter and Lifescreen Pro event screening software are the perfect pair for extended Holter recordings and analysis. Save time by triaging longer recordings and providing results immediately upon its return....

  • The Eclipse Pro Extended Holter can capture up to 14 days of 3 channel recording or up to 3 days of 12-lead with pacing. These longer Holter recordings require extraordinary analysis support. Lifescreen Pro Event Screening System provides smart automation and allows you to control and interact with the data. Analysis includes overall burdens, atrial fibrillation and abnormal beat distributions. The analysis dashboard keeps you in control.

    Lifescreen Pro is suited to triaging Holter recordings, reducing turnaround times and identifying segments of interest. Edit events and generate reports for immediate distribution to other clinicians or the patient record. Results can be available at the time the recorder is returned for immediate review with the patient.

    Eclipse Pro along with Lifescreen Pro and means suspected or intermittent arrhythmias can get fast, assisted analysis when and where it’s needed so patients can continue the care pathway as soon as possible.
  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
    Spacelabs’ ABPM has over 40 years of clinical use for pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients. Researchers has selected Spacelabs ABPM for more than 500 clinical studies, including the landmark DASH, SYST-Eur and AASK* analyses....

  • Fast, accurate results from Spacelabs’ ABP system enable you to fine-tune your patients’ treatment and better assess their cardiovascular risks. Its reliability has made it the #1 ABP monitor in the world, preferred by physicians and patients alike. Used in conjunction with our Sentinel Cardiology Management System, it allows the results to be shared with hospital information systems via the HL7 and DICOM interface.

    Spacelabs’ latest generation ABPM monitors have been comprehensively tested and validated against the 3 most recognized international protocols*. Our proprietary algorithm has been proven in over 20 years’ use in pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients.

    *DASH - Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension SYST-Eur - Systolic Hypertension in Europe AASK - African American Study of Kidney Disease and Hypertension

    **US - Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) / UK - British Hypertension Society / European HTN Society

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