ScottCare Cardiovascular Solutions

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United States
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Our mission is to facilitate improved patient care and clinical outcomes while reducing the overall cost of healthcare. We accomplish this with high-quality devices, software, data integration, and clinical monitoring services that aid hospitals and cardiology practices in the diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of cardiovascular patients. If you are overwhelmed by implanted device data, let OneView™ CRM streamline and organize your in-clinic and remote interrogation process. OneView lets you manage data from all device manufacturers, reducing complexity and paperwork. Explore our versatile Ambulatory ECG monitoring solutions. Novi+ delivers lightweight, user friendly Holter monitoring from 24 hours to 14 days in a waterproof device, suited for adults and children. TeleSense™ is the 4-in-1 monitor that features live patient visibility, proven accuracy, and remote configuration. Maximize your patient compliance and business value by INsourcing your cardiac monitoring with Ambucor, our labor and technology service for 24/7 ambulatory ECG and implanted device monitoring. ScottCare's tailored solutions can meet the needs of any organization. Let us show you how we can assist yours.