Exhibitor Product and Service Categories

Attendees visit the Expo to gain insight to a wide range of products and services


International Societies
Professional Associations


Certification and Recertification
Education, Teaching Aids and CME

Food Service, Nutrition and Lifestyle

Exercise Equipment
Food Service and Nutrition


Healthcare Facilities Design/Construction/Office Furniture
Insurance Services


Angiographic Viewers and Work Stations
Echocardiography Equipment
Imaging Equipment (e.g., CT, MRI, Nuclear, PET)

Information Technology

Electronic Health Records/Electronic Medical Records (EHR/EMR)
Electronic Information Services and Equipment
Physician Practice Services and Management

Technology—Computer Hardware, Software and/or Patient Management Tools with Medical Applications
Web-Based Image Management and Reporting Solutions

Medical Devices

Arrhythmia Monitoring Equipment
Blood Pressure Monitoring Equipment
Diagnostic Catheters and Devices


Medical Devices Continued

ECG Equipment
External Defibrillators

Interventional—Other Percutaneous, Endovascular and Cardiac Devices
Invasive Monitoring and Testing
Mechanical Cardiac Support Devices, Percutaneous and LVADs
Pacing and Rhythm Management Devices
Patient Temperature Management
Prostheses, Valves and Pumps

Medical Equipment

Clinical Laboratory and Testing Services
Exercise Testing
Medical Equipment/Furniture
Noninvasive Monitoring and Testing
Patient Monitoring Systems
Pulmonary Diagnostic Equipment



Diagnostic Medications
Therapeutic Medications


Publications, Books and Journals


Clinical Trials
Market Research
Statistical Research Tools

Eligibility to Exhibit

Applicants that meet the following criteria will be deemed eligible to exhibit:

  • The Exhibitor’s products or services must be cardiovascular-related and professional in nature.
  • The Exhibitor must classify its product/service using at least one (1) of the product/service catgories listed on the application. Write-in categories will not be considered.
  • The Exhibitor's and the applicant’s goods or services to be exhibited are considered by ACC to be consistent with ACC’s scientific or public policies, positions, statements or guidelines. This also includes the parent or subsidiary corporation of the Exhibitor or goods and services thereof, which must also be deemed by ACC to be consistent with ACC’s scientific or public policies, positions, statements or guidelines.
  • The Exhibitor agrees to comply with all ACC Managment Policies, Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions including those policies that govern the submission of the application, and all policies and rules adopted by ACC hereafter.
  • The applicant must be financially stable. ACC Management reserves the right to request data establishing the Exhibitor's financial stability, even if the Exhibitor has exhibited in the past. The pending or filing of bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings with respect to Exhibtor at or after the submission of its application will result in automatic cancellation, with all applicable penalties, of the Exhibitor's exhibit space, even though ACC Management may have accepted the Exhibitor's application.
  • Only products or services listed by the Exhibitor on the original application and approved by ACC Management may be exhibited.
  • All products marketed and promoted in the Expo that are available in the US and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must meet FDA guidelines or be FDA-approved. Companies without FDA product approval should clearly indicate on their booths that their product is for display and education purposes only and is not approved and/or available for use in the US. In order to maintain the informational and educational objectives of the ACC Annual Scientific Session & Expo together with Word Congress of Cardiology, ACC Management reserves the right to deny exhibit participation of any companies intending to exhibit vitamins and supplements that are not regulated by the FDA and/or to disallow said products from being displayed in the Expo. Nutraceutical products will be permitted only if Exhibitor can demonstrate peer reviewed evidence of efficacy. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure adherence to FDA regulations, policies, practices and guidelines, and all other applicable industry guidelines, concerning the demonstration, discussion, use and/or display of products, technologies and/or services at ACC.24.
  • ExpoSuites can only be secured by contracted ACC.24 Exhibitors.
  • Only Exhibitors in good standing with ACC Management are permitted to submit an application for an ExpoSuite. Exhibitors must settle any outstanding balances in order for their applications to be considered.
  • If the Exhibitor cancels or defaults on exhibit space, any contracted ExpoSuites will also be cancelled and cancellation fees will apply, as outlined in the ACC.24 Annual Scientific Session & Expo Rules, Regulations, Terms & Conditions.