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Founded in 2017, Carta Healthcare's mission is to improve patient care by harnessing the value of clinical data. Carta Healthcare has transformed the traditional clinical data abstraction process through its industry-leading, AI-driven technology and multidisciplinary team of experts. The company's agile, innovative approach to expertise+technology allows healthcare organizations to collect, analyze, and act on their clinical and operational data in a fraction of the time. The result is high-quality, accurate, trustworthy datasets for use across a healthcare organization's initiatives to operate more efficiently, optimize care delivery, improve patient outcomes, and allow clinicians to practice at the top of their license. For more information, check out our new podcast, Charting the Waters; visit; or contact us at


  • Atlas for Clinical Data Abstraction
    Atlas uses an AI + nurse abstractor team to automate and simplify the resource-consuming task of finding and interpreting patient data for clinical registry submission, allowing clinicians to focus on what's most important — caring for patients....

  • Atlas, Carta Healthcare’s AI-assisted data abstraction solution for clinical registries, handles the tedious task of extracting data from medical records and populating clinical registries. Through Carta Healthcare’s AI + nurse abstractor team, Atlas quickly and efficiently abstracts and unifies structured and unstructured data to provide more accurate clinical registry completion, increased data availability, and the opportunity to drive greater value from those data. Atlas compiles and analyzes reliable data from multiple data sources in a fraction of the time, allowing organizations to:

    • Reduce the time, cost, and resources required for high-quality data registry submissions;
    • Shift the focus of their clinicians and nurses away from tedious, manual chart review and form completion to what they do best — quality patient care; and
    • Immediately integrate their data into existing data warehouses or business intelligence applications to support evidence-based decisions about improving patient care and operational efficiencies.

    Atlas presents recommendations transparently, allowing our abstractors to verify and understand the data in context. Atlas’ industry-leading inter-relator reliability (IRR) scores also provide confidence that data are accurate and trustworthy for value-based care reimbursement models and research and quality initiatives. 

    Carta Healthcare is an NCDR-certified software vendor for the ACC’s Afib Ablation Registry and the CathPCI Registry and a certified software vendor for the STS/ACC TVT Registry. Atlas supports over 30 registries; new registries can be added upon request. 

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