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IMEDIPLUS Inc. is an exuberant and future-oriented biotechnology company recruiting doctors, specialists on the cutting edge of electronic components, and professionals of global marketing. We are one of the advanced medical electronics companies starting from the urgent needs of cardiac care medicine. IMEDIPLUS merges high-tech into auscultation- Cardiologists and Art, and gathers well-known international cardiologists, emergency physicians, and acoustic specialists to develop the stethoscope of best sound quality, creating its own brand, CaRDIaRT, providing the clearest and most accurate sound of the doctor at the critical moment, and becoming the best auscultation partner. IMEDIPLUS Inc., the pioneer of the development of digital auscultation system, is dedicated to developing the technology of high sound quality and attempts to combine digital health with artificial intelligence to reach the goal of AI in diagnosis and screening. With the help of such auscultation system, sounds are captured and converted into digital signals to make records and completely present the phonocardiogram.