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SCHILLER is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, defibrillation and patient monitoring as well as software solutions for the medical industry. Founded in 1974 by Alfred E. Schiller, the company started as a one-man business and has become a successful group. Distinguished by financial autonomy, continuous growth and innovations, the enterprise today has 30 subsidiaries & a global sales network. The product line, the production sites and competence centers continuously expanded. In addition to the headquarters in Switzerland, a competence center has been established in France, specializing in defibrillation and monitoring. The addition of medilog into the SCHILLER group provided additional know-how for high-end long-term ECG. In 2013, the alliance with GANSHORN who is specialized in the field of pulmonary function diagnostics was the next major step. In spite of the company's continuous growth, size is not as important to SCHILLER as its strength, relying on a motivated team, creativity, openness to new ideas and pioneer courage. "The Art of Diagnostics" is infinitely creative and it inspires us to continuously improve our products.





  • The CARDIOVIT AT-102 G2 features an 8” colour display with touch function keys. Moreover, its sealed alphanumeric keyboard ensures easy cleaning, making it highly suitable for the daily clinical routine. Smart Battery technology guarantees more than 8 hours of ECG recording.

    Bidirectional communication allows for easy data access and fast transmission of ECG reports to EMR/HIS systems. Standard Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity, combined with ECG review on display and a large memory, supports paperless workflows and cost saving. When a paper report is required, customisable printouts can be performed on the internal high-resolution A4 thermal printer. The CARDIOVIT AT-102 G2 is FDA approved.

    • Features:
      - High-resolution 8” colour display
      - Touch function keys
      - Easy-to-clean sealed alphanumeric keyboard
      - More than 8 hours battery capacity with ECG printout
      - Resting rhythm up to 10 minutes
      - Hook-up adviser with colour-coded waveforms and anatomical model
      - Lead reversal detection
      Fast and secure bidirectional Wi-Fi communication
        via SCHILLER Link and SCHILLER Server
    • Optional:
      ETM including ETM Sport as well as CCAA
      Basic exercise software

      - Worklist (optional)
  • BR-102 plus

  • The SCHILLER BR-102 plus gives the highest degree of patient comfort while maintaining most precise measurements.
    It is distinguished by its small dimensions and low weight. Incorporating a special technology, the cuff is only inflated as much as required.


    Choose between two versions:

    - Measurements are made using both the auscultatoric and the oscillometric methods, where the oscillometric measurement is used as backup to ensure accurate results for each measurement.

    - Purely oscillometric method – enables reliable blood pressure measurement without microphone

    The analysis is carried out using the renowned medilog DARWIN2 software.


    Respiratory Gas Analysis...

  • The SpiroScout is a complete lung function laboratory based on the unique ultrasonic measurement principle of GANSHORN. It enables the exact determination of all spirometric parameters.

    As the first of its kind the SpiroScout simultaneously measures flow and gas density providing all the necessary information about the volume and gas exchange from one single measurement.


    • No volume calibration and no warm-up time necessary
    • Real-time automatic BTPS correction, drift free, high accuracy
    • High-precision spirometry due to direct flow measurement
    • Sensor is not influenced by humidity, barometric pressure and contamination
    • Extremely high accuracy for low flows
    • No cleaning and maintenance needed
    • Hygienic ScoutTube sensors for single-patient use
    • Different options available such as rhinomanometry, oscillatory resistance, capnovolumetry, emphysema test and dead space analysis