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Abiomed (NASDAQ: ABMD) is a leading provider of groundbreaking medical technology that provides circulatory and oxygenation support. The Impella® heart pump platform is designed to enable the heart to rest and recover by improving blood flow and/or temporarily assisting with the pumping function of the heart.


  • Impella RP Flex with SmartAssist
    Impella RP Flex is implanted via the internal jugular (IJ) vein, which enables patient mobility, and has dual-sensor technology designed to optimize patient management....

  • Impella RP Flex with SmartAssist has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pre-market approval (PMA), the FDA’s highest level of approval, as safe and effective to treat acute right heart failure for up to 14 days.

    Key clinical benefits of Impella RP Flex include:

    • Single venous access via the internal jugular (IJ) vein and 11 French (Fr) indwelling catheter, facilitating patient mobility
    • Flexible cannula advanced over an extra-support guidewire, enabling ease of insertion and pump delivery
    • SmartAssist dual-sensor technology with Impella Connect, providing advanced metrics to help with pump management and weaning
    • Heparin-free purge, simplifying patient anticoagulant management with the use of sodium bicarbonate where heparin is of concern due to heparin intolerance or bleeding
  • Impella CP® with SmartAssist®
    Percutaneous insertion, increased flow and intelligent patient management

  • The Impella CP with SmartAssist heart pump allows for sustained peak flows of up to 4.3 L/min (>85% of a normal cardiac cycle). It is designed to improve patient outcomes by using real-time intelligence to optimize positioning, managing and weaning of Impella®.

  • Impella 5.5® with SmartAssist®
    A heart pump designed for surgeons with forward flow and intelligent patient management....

  • Impella 5.5 with SmartAssist delivers full cardiac support with maximum unloading, allowing the heart to rest and recover.

    It is a microaxial, surgically implanted heart pump that unloads the left ventricle, reduces ventricular work, and provides the circulatory support necessary to allow recovery and early assessment of residual myocardial function. It is designed for long-duration support and enables ambulation to optimize recovery while using real-time SmartAssist intelligence.