Sarfez Pharmaceuticals

8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Suite 1331
Vienna,  VA  22182

United States
  • Booth: 2510

Sarfez is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on developing therapies to treat heart failure and chronic kidney diseases. Sarfez is launching its first FDA approved drug, "SOAANZ(R) for the treatment of edema in HF and CKD patients. SOAANZ is especially formulated to release drug at a slower rate to induce gradual and sustained urination as compared to generic loop diuretics that are known to cause abrupt and excessive urination especially within few hours of dosing. SOAANZ is not tested in HF and overactive bladder patients but its gradual urination effects are expected to help these patients to better manage their AOB symptoms such as frequency, urgency, and urgency incontinence.

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