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2013: dms-service llc provided the first body worn,multi-channel Holter monitor available for use in physicians office, clinics and hospitals. 2017: dms-service introduced the myPatch®sl Holter recorder, the revolutionary, shower proof Holter monitor with an IP rating of 68 with adjustable channel and sample rate selection allowing the user to determine how many days the myPatch®sl records (up to 14 days in 3-channel mode). Weighing a scant 1/2 ounce, the myPatch®sl is compatible with many Holter systems and eliminates flashcards, pouches and batteries. The novel Holter recorder can be worn by adults, and ALL pediatric sub-groups.. 2020: dms-service releases the patented T electrode which records Leads V1, V2 and Lead 1 when paired with the myPatch®sl recorder. No additional lead wires are used with this electrode.